giveaway . hanna andersson

21 Jul

when hanna andersson contacted us shortly before summer vacation began, i jumped at the chance to test drive some of their pajamas for the kiddos. with all of the camping and cabin trips we have planned for this summer, a couple of pairs of nice cozy pjs were on my shopping list anyway, so the timing was perfect! super soft, striped and available in both full length and shortie style for the big kids, and in zip up or snap up sleepers for the wee ones, they did not disappoint. lila and cole pretty much lived in them from the moment they got out of the lake in the evenings until they splashed back in each morning.

and because there’s no such thing as too many pajamas (or backpacks or blankets or shoes) i have a $100 gift card to give away to one lucky reader! (i’m trying out a new way of keeping track of entries this time, so hopefully this works!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

contest closes sunday, july 27!

good luck!

on repeat . lullaby

21 Jul

lord huron

our soundtrack as we slowly ease our way into this monday morning :)

in pictures . pop

20 Jul

in pictures . this is the face of a little boy who rolled over AND giggled today

19 Jul

you know it’s gotta be a big day for me to use upper case letters ;)

in pictures . daddy brought home new books from the grocery store

18 Jul

book club . one [finally]

18 Jul

for as long as i’ve been blogging, i’ve been getting requests to share some of the books on our shelves here in pinksugarland. i’ve always held back because the thought of reviewing a bunch of books is super daunting, and at the rate at which i write things (yes, there’s good reason that i typically only post photos), i would maybe get two posts done a year ;) so, i’ve decided i’ll just keep it simple and post a photo of five or so of the books that we are reading each week, and leave it at that! if any look interesting, you can click on the link and see if they are stories you might want to pick up or grab from your local library.

no rules — there may be picture books or chapter books or pop-up books (or all or none of the above), some weeks they might follow a theme, there may be an adult read tossed in once a while — other than i’ll attempt to share a handful every friday-ish. if you have requests for specific posts (books for toddler boys, funny books, non-fiction, etc), please let me know and i’ll try my best to make that happen; and even better, if you have recommendations for us, share those too!!

i’m so excited about this (and i hope you are too!). here we go :)

francis the little fox by veronique boisjoly
the tale of desperaux by kate dicamillo
alphablock by christopher franceschelli
you’re all my favorites by sam mcbratney
mo’s mustache by ben clanton

happy reading!

in pictures . backyard “pool”

16 Jul

in pictures . running wild and looking pretty

15 Jul

i recently won this paperfelt print in an instagram giveaway (told you i loved that place, haha) and was inspired to take lila out on a little wildflower adventure last night. my goodness i love this girl! and honestly, as much as i would love her to stay little forever, she amazes me more and more all the time — it’s such a treat to watch her grow.

in pictures . corn on the cob

14 Jul

smitten with . instagram

13 Jul

i’m fairly certain most people that follow along here are quite familiar with this little habit of mine, but just in case you aren’t and because i left my big camera in my bag this weekend, here are some of my favourite recent phone photos.

this all feels a bit like a love letter, haha, but there is honestly just so much i love about instagram. i love the challenge of creating art with my phone camera (i’m not always toting my big camera around when my hands are full of three kiddos these days). there’s the fact that i don’t need to spend time sitting at my computer to quickly get a photo edited and uploaded (i use the pictapgo app), and all of the fun indie shops and designers i’ve come across (from kids’ clothes to toys to home decor and on and on), but most of all, it’s the community that keeps me coming back! i’ve connected with some amazing people and opportunities (along with with friends and family near and far) in the year and a half since i joined and am still finding awesome new gems every day.

for those who are interested, you can follow along with [even more of] our adventures over there — my user name is andreahanki — and if you leave your username below, i’d love to check out your feeds as well.

hope to see you there!

(along with all of the love though, i can’t help but mention all of the accounts that keep getting deactivated these days. . . hoping there will be some clarification of guidelines and a resolution soon so that we don’t have to stop posting photos of our kids being kids for fear of losing our whole accounts!)