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iphoneography . dry

29 Feb

in pictures . playgym

29 Feb

get dressed . bandana bibs

28 Feb

fashionable and functional. win win.

1. floral . 2. polka dots . 3. plaid . 4. stripes . 5. bicycles

bring on the drool ;)

in pictures . “can you take a picture mom?”

28 Feb

how could i say no to that little face?

be crafty . he’s here

27 Feb

now if i could just get them addressed and in the mail…

ps. if you’re interested in sending a vote my way for best family blog over at apartmennt therapy, you can do that here. thanks!

iphoneography . three months old

27 Feb

happy quarter birthday (ha!) my boy. we love you so.

in writing . what, really?!

27 Feb

was my reaction upon stumbling across this this morning! considering this blog has been online for less than two months — anything posted before early january was backdated and posted because, hey, it’s my blog and i wanted it here ;) — i’m more than surprised to find it listed among apartment therapy‘s nominations for best family blog.

thanks so much to whoever sent in a nomination, and to anyone inclined, you can add your vote here.

(and if you’ve made your way here from at, welcome!! i’m so happy you’re here.)

in pictures . fresh snow

26 Feb

in pictures . shovelling buddy

25 Feb

in pictures . spotted

25 Feb