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in pictures . 8

17 Feb

she said . bright eyes

16 Feb

while drawing on her aquadoodle.

the answer:
her baby brother :)

in pictures . sunny

16 Feb

in pictures . pirate ships

15 Feb

and pirate shirts


iphoneography . date night

14 Feb

happy birthday mister hanki.

in pictures . xoxo

14 Feb

on repeat . love is all around

14 Feb

rem (the troggs cover)

happy valentine’s day!

at home . valentine’s decor

13 Feb

love is all around :)

be crafty . airplane valentines

12 Feb

what do you get when you cross kinder chocolate bars, some basic craft supplies and a little inspiration from martha??

miss li is pretty excited to bring these to school tomorrow :)

come hungry . sausage and grape pizza

11 Feb

you should try this recipe, like, yesterday. so yummy!