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in pictures . summer

30 Jun

in pictures . well loved

29 Jun

an old favourite from my own childhood has a become a go to book for miss li in recent days. it’s been pretty incredible watching her learn to read over the last couple of months and this is one of a handful that she has pretty much down, cover to cover.

forgive me for being a gushing momma, i’m pretty darn proud of the wee girl ;)

in pictures . suited up

28 Jun

in pictures . post painting snuggle

27 Jun

in pictures . finger painting

27 Jun

smitten with . night lights

26 Jun

i’ve been on the lookout for a new nightlight for miss lila’s bedroom the past couple of months (to combat the “monsters in [her] happy dreams”) and now that we’ve settled on one (and seem to have the monsters under control), i thought i’d share a few of my favourites in case any of you are currently going through the same thing with your little ones at bedtime.

1. glo: complete with removable colour changing balls — so cool.
2. star: all-in-one night light, clock, sound machine and more.
3. light jar: lila absolutely loves the “fairies” that flicker around inside.
4. heart: love you. enough said.
5. rocket: this is the one we have in cole’s room, but it is just too cute to not share :)

monster-free happy dreams to all!

in pictures . upside down

26 Jun

in pictures . stroller rides

25 Jun

oh, the perils of having a big sister ;)

on repeat . featherstone

25 Jun

the paper kites

how awesome is that pillow fight?! love this video.

in pictures . teething

24 Jun