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in pictures . alien angst

31 Jul

in pictures . eight months three days

30 Jul

on repeat . ho hey

30 Jul

the lumineers

i owe this one to an awesome former bride — thanks allison!! such a good find :)

iphoneography . kid in a candy shop

29 Jul

in pictures . dozing

28 Jul

11:56, 12:23, 12:29, 12:36, and 1:05. so darn cute — i couldn’t help myself :)

in pictures . splash

27 Jul

in pictures . the midway

26 Jul

in pictures . modern art ii

25 Jul

in pictures . modern art i

25 Jul

iphoneography . taste of edmonton

25 Jul

first train ride for cole and alice, grilled cheese (with mac ‘n cheese and pulled pork) sandwich and a ton of other delicious concoctions, dancing in the rain, waterlogged ladies, more rain, and done. we all got soaked, and it was so worth it. yum.