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30 Nov

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29 Nov

in pictures . four

29 Nov

you, my lilabean, are four now.

four years old and so imaginative and interested in the world and excited about life.

you are quick to make friends and (when you’re in the mood) happy to chat with every person you see…… whether they are interested in conversation or not ;) just as feisty as ever, you don’t hesitate to let people know what you think, good or bad; you wear your heart on your sleeve. you are one of the most ticklish little girls i’ve ever come across and your laugh is one of my favourite sounds in that world — especially that crazy laugh reserved for things that are extra silly :) you love reading anything and everything you can get your hands on these days — books, signs, posters, instructions — and we are beyond proud of you. i’ll admit that the why‘s do get a wee bit tedious on occasion, but we try our best to provide you with all of the knowledge you’re looking for, my girl, and if you have a question we don’t know the answer to, you’re always ready to “google it!”.

in the last few months, you’ve finally begun sleeping through the night most nights, and on the rare occasion when you do attempt to sneak into our bed, i secretly don’t really mind ;) you’re a champion snuggler. you love food and your sweet tooth is unrivaled in this house (which is saying a lot when you have me for a momma……). you love parties and shopping and making crafts, and i love that as you get older you’re taking a more active role in all of these things. your baby brother looks up to you like crazy and you love to dress him up in “handsome” bow ties and help him walk around the house by holding his hands. you’ve grown into an amazing big sister over the past year — we all have off days ;) — and i so look forward to watching the two of you grow up together.

it’s hard to believe that this is your last year at home all day with me before heading off to kindergarten in the fall. i’m going to hold on to every moment we have left, but i promise to send you off as best prepared to grow and learn as i can.

thank you for still letting me call you my baby girl. i love you so.

(on a more humourous note — we brought a little helium tank to fill up the balloons for lila’s birthday session once we got to our location, and half way through the fourth balloon, the thing completely ran out. i had to blow the balloon up the rest of the way and, of course, it was too heavy to float :P any images were you see all four balloons floating, that light pink one up on top is precariously balanced on top of the other three. there were a lot of laughs attempting to get that thing to stay up there. the best laid plans……)

in pictures . morning toy explosion

28 Nov

in pictures . birthday boy

27 Nov

wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays my baby boy. we love you so.

smitten with . for the newly four year old

26 Nov

choosing just a few gifts to highlight here was a wee bit difficult…

1. cardboard playhouse: enough said ;)
2. cash register: grocery shopping has never been so fun.
3. shadow puppets: i have feeling these are going to become a new part of the bedtime routine around here.
4. q & a journal: i am so excited to begin this with lila. the premise is to answer one question a day for three years, but i think i’ll end up doing one every few days (both because some aren’t yet age appropriate, and because i’m not sure i can stay on top of it every day) and having the journal span a few more years :)

miss li’s friends have great taste :)

in pictures . strongman

25 Nov

in pictures . stealing a bit of the thunder on his sister’s birthday ;)

24 Nov

off to shoot a wedding today, and then lots more birthday goodness coming your way!

in motion . and then she was four

23 Nov

happy happy birthday to my favrourite girl in the whole wide world :)

in pictures . a lightsaber wielding batgirl and a stormtrooper

22 Nov