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in pictures . hot tubbing

28 Feb

i’m not sure these two images could feel any more differently. i love them both.

in pictures . hot tub ready

28 Feb

after a ten hour travel day, i don’t blame her.

in pictures . afternoon sink bath

27 Feb

on repeat . sheets

27 Feb

damien jurado

a friend shared this on facebook last night and i listened to it at least a dozen times. i think that might just qualify as ‘on repeat’ :)

in pictures . yellow square

26 Feb

david a. carter’s pop up books are ridiculously awesome.

although, at least in our house, the ‘for children of all ages’ tagline should probably not be applied to the under two set — our copy of 600 black dots is presently short a few dots…

in pictures . driving lessons

25 Feb

in pictures . wind up plane

24 Feb

in pictures . first haircut

23 Feb

thanks stacie!! such a fun day :)

in pictures . spotlight

23 Feb

in pictures . flying skeleton

22 Feb