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in pictures . lovely love

31 Mar

coffee filters, cupcake liners and some lovely love — it’s been a happy easter :)

be crafty . easter egg balloons

31 Mar

some balloons, some sharpies and a bit of quality time with my girl :)

in pictures . egg hunt

30 Mar

in pictures . dyeing easter eggs

30 Mar

in pictures . harmonica

29 Mar

in pictures . one

28 Mar

four months ago, my baby boy turned one and i took some pictures. now it’s almost april, and it feels a little silly that it’s taken so long, but it’s about time i shared some of those photos, and a few words i wrote down on that day. (i’m not a writer, but i’m working on it.)


it’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that i was awaiting your arrival, more than a little bit nervous that i couldn’t possibly love another child as much as i loved your sister.

and then you were born, and in that instant, all of my worries disappeared.

thank you, sweet boy, for filling a hole in our family that i never knew existed. for fitting in so seamlessly from the first day you arrived. for teaching me to love you and your sister and your daddy fuller and harder than i knew was ever possible. for your crazy pterodactyl screams and sweet little kisses. for your wobbly first steps and your love of sparkly necklaces and all things with wheels. for (thus far) putting up with bowties and skinny jeans and seeming to actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning… or in the late afternoon, depending on the day ;). for avoiding any serious injuries despite your affinity for getting yourself into risky situations. for your squishy cheeks and long lashes and ticklish toes. for all that you are.

we are so lucky to have you in our lives.

happy first birthday my boy. i love you so.

ps. it’s a little bit embarrassing posting this all so late, but not nearly as embarrassing as those birth announcements still piled on our dresser…

iphoneography . camouflage

28 Mar

in pictures . a not so graceful entrance

28 Mar

why bother with the door when you can climb in through the window?!

in pictures . star wand

27 Mar

who would have thought a piece of cardboard and a paper drinking straw would be the most exciting toy to hit our home in months?!

in pictures . baby brother hugs

26 Mar

he hasn’t been a big hugger until quite recently. she’s been waiting :)