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in pictures . baby boy in a box with bedhead

20 Mar

and outside the box too (still with bedhead).

in pictures . up

19 Mar

in motion . twirl

18 Mar

dizzy yet? ;)

giveaway . stuck on you

18 Mar

imagine you’re a four year old that loves colouring… now imagine that you get a package in the mail one day with an activity book, scribbler, pencil crayons and pencils with your name printed all over everything. mind blown, am i right?! lila was just a little bit thrilled to receive this custom activity pack from the lovely folks at stuck on you and spent a good portion the weekend getting her doodle on.

not only are these goodies all personalized, but the illustrations are actually really cute too. we had a tough time choosing between the woodlands and arrr zap themes, but the little fox won lila over in the end. we also received some mini name labels that should be great for marking all of lila’s supplies when she starts kindergarten in the fall.

now onto the best part, stuck on you has offered up some twenty dollar gift vouchers so four of you can also get your hands on some cute personalized goodies (seriously, this company has something for everyone: labels, placemats, aprons, puzzles… the list goes on).

to enter, head over and like the stuck on you facebook page (don’t forget to grab the free shipping coupon while you’re there), and then come back here and leave a comment letting me know what you’d choose from the site if you win.

contest closes friday, march 22.

best of luck, and thanks to stuck on you for the awesome goodies!

in pictures . vroom

17 Mar

in pictures . yellow, blue and red

16 Mar

in pictures . snow day

15 Mar

the whole dressing for spring idea didn’t quite work out as planned ;)

in pictures . neon

14 Mar

perhaps if we dress ‘springlike’, the snow will take a hint and stop falling? can’t hurt to try :)

in pictures . through the stacks

14 Mar

in pictures . with precision

13 Mar