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in pictures . skater boy

30 Apr

in pictures . because it wouldn’t feel like edmonton if it wasn’t snowing

29 Apr

we’re home :)

on repeat . after afterall

29 Apr

william fitzsimmons

aside from the inspiration and great times with friends, i also came away from last week’s canada photo convention with a ton of new musical favourites. this one had my heart within the first five seconds.

in pictures . morning at the campsite

28 Apr

in pictures . hot dog roasting

27 Apr

in pictures . beach boy

26 Apr

in pictures . lemon waters all around

25 Apr

let’s party . cole turns one

24 Apr

five months ago, we had a super awesome day of friends and food and triangles and cake, and it was so great to share it with so many of our favourite people. when cole got crabby (as most one year olds do) birthday cake made everything better!

a big thank you to all of the lovely friends who picked up my camera or sent photos of the party happenings while i was busy partying :) love you all.

iphoneography . facetime

24 Apr

i’m at a photography convention this week (being inspired like crazy) and away from my kiddos for a couple of days for the first time. i got a quick chance this morning to facetime the kiddos while they play with my momma. can’t wait to hug them both crazy tight tomorrow :)

also, i have a pretty awesome post lined up for tonight. just sayin.

in pictures . guitar lessons

22 Apr