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in pictures . today is the best day ever

30 Jun

and this is quite possibly the best tee ever :)

in pictures . bedtime stories by flashlight

29 Jun

in pictures . dumptrucks and bonfires

28 Jun

in pictures . messy bun

27 Jun

because some days the only time you pull out the camera is to take a picture of her hair :)

in pictures . today we played in the sprinkler

26 Jun

in motion . family bike ride

25 Jun

i was a little skeptical, but instagram‘s new video feature is kind of fun :)

(sorry if you’re trying to view this on a device without flash, the html5 version wouldn’t load!)

come hungry . peanut butter s’mores

25 Jun

i am forever indebted to whoever it was on instagram (of course, i can’t find the source now!) who shared their photo of peanut butter s’mores the other day — i have no idea why i’d never thought of or come across the idea before, but yum! spread a little peanut butter on your graham wafer, add a few chocolate chips, put a marshmallow on top and broil in your oven until golden brown.

go make some right now! you can thank me later :)

in pictures . a game of scoop ball in the last of the sunny rain (we ♥ sunny rain)

24 Jun

in pictures . tiny tanker truck

24 Jun

smitten with . cotton candy at home

24 Jun

i’ve been looking into cotton candy machines for a while now, so when the la shop contacted me with the opportunity to review one, i jumped at the chance. because really, (even though we used blue for most of the photos) is there anything that says ‘pink sugar’ more than a sweet puff of pink cotton candy?

the whole process is super simple: add the sugar (it comes included) to the pan, turn it on, and wrap the candy floss around a cone (not included — we made ours out of striped craft paper) as it begins spinning out. it’s the perfect little single serving, and each one only takes a couple of minutes, so making up a few cones was no problem. we did have some issues with the candy melting and sticking to the sides, but a little warm water rinsed that right off. overall, if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids and don’t mind a bit of sugar once in a while, i’d definitely recommend looking into one of these cotton candy makers.

and as soon as i figure out a good way to package the stuff, my clients can look forward to their packages being just a little bit sweeter! …in the meantime, we’ll snack on it ourselves ;)

thanks again to the la shop for sending us this awesome kids’ cotton candy maker to review. make sure you take a minute to check out their site and see all of the other goodies they have to offer — they carry some photography gear alongside the fun novelty items :)