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in pictures . post bath bedtime stories

31 Jul

this is how i left my family when i went to work last night. when i returned four hours later, nobody was sleeping. needless to say, the transition back to a normal sleep schedules has been less than ideal around these parts. wish us luck tonight :)

in pictures . grass grows a fair bit in two and a half weeks

30 Jul

iphoneography . post vacation exhaustion

29 Jul

after a couple of amazing weeks away, we’ve finally made it back home.

i feel the way cole looks.

my bed is calling.

as seen on . motherhood with a camera

29 Jul

such an honour to be included once again in this wonderful project. when amy grace invited me to be a part of this most recent chorus about changes, for once i knew exactly what it was i wanted to say.

i hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.

in pictures . checking out the tractor

28 Jul

iphoneography . wedding guests

27 Jul

left my camera in the car and celebrated the wedding of a beautiful friend yesterday. it was a good day.

in pictures . waterslide

26 Jul

iphoneography . poolside

26 Jul

in pictures . lakeside

25 Jul

in pictures . roadside popsicle break

25 Jul