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in pictures . bunk bed parking lot

10 Sep

despite the fact that he asks for lila every three seconds while she is gone, i think cole is quite enjoying having free rein over the house and toys while his big sister is off at school every day.

on repeat . we can’t stop

9 Sep

bastille (miley cyrus cover)

i’m kind of in love with these guys. their ‘no scrubs’ cover is equally awesome :)

in pictures . apple picking

9 Sep

in pictures . hotel beds are made for jumping

8 Sep

iphoneography . go fly a kite

7 Sep

smitten with . teeny ballerina

6 Sep

i picked up this little ballerina doll a few months back, and gave it to lila the other morning on her first day of ballet. she is totally smitten, so i thought it worth a share here :) (plus, it’s about time i get back to posting more than just photos!)

happy friday!

in pictures . x

4 Sep

in pictures . ballet day one

4 Sep

in pictures . kindergartner

3 Sep

she’s grown a wee bit since last year.

in pictures . ’twas the night before kindergarten

2 Sep

she fell asleep clutching her balloon. i lay awake, holding tightly to these very last few moments of her still being my little preschooler. tomorrow is a big day. we’re all excited.