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in pictures . my little trick or treaters

31 Oct

the paper doll and the remote control car :)

happy halloween!

in pictures . chase

30 Oct

in pictures . the many faces of lila claire

29 Oct

it was orange day. we carved pumpkins at school. and then she asked me to take her photo. i went with it.

come hungry . candy corn cupcakes

28 Oct

a number of people on instagram have requested the ‘recipe’, so here it goes:

1. prepare your favourite white cake recipe per the instructions (we just used a boxed mix!)
2. divide batter into three bowls, tint one bowl each orange and yellow and leave the third
3. layer batter in cupcake cups
4. bake according to your recipe
5. top with your favourite frosting (we use the recipe on the back of the roger’s icing sugar bag — never fails!) and a piece of candy corn
6. peel papers off when ready to serve

ridiculously easy and crazy cute. just the way i like it :)

on repeat . let her go

28 Oct

cait has good taste — i can’t get enough of this one.

iphoneography . here we see mr. fox having a not quite so fantastic moment

27 Oct

sorry little buddy, but this face makes me laugh every time.

in pictures . spotlight

26 Oct

pulled my camera out while lila was out helping mark with the deck after dark — this photo was a total accident while i was checking settings, but it felt a little spooky and fitting for this week, so it stays :)

in pictures . first sleepover

25 Oct

individual pizzas, pinata making, cupcake baking, a quick movie and bedtime stories.

i’d say it was a success :)

ps. technically their second sleepover, but the first time the moms had a sleepover too, so that doesn’t really count ;)

feeling nostalgic . 2008

23 Oct

it’s so hard to believe she is going to be five years old next month.

but at the same time, it feels like she’s been a part of our lives forever.


in pictures . line up

22 Oct