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in pictures . teepee reading

30 Nov

iphoneography . traffic jam

29 Nov

in pictures . the day he turned two

27 Nov

and now for the story of cole’s birthday in camera and phone snaps — balloons (yes that’s an upside down 5… shhh!), birthday pancakes complete with sparkler, opening and playing with presents, a sledding adventure, his new favourite movie (planes!) and birthday cupcakes (he got me to relight the candles at least a dozen times, haha.)

we had great day celebrating our fave little dude! now it’s time to plan the final touches for their party this weekend and then i can finally share their official birthday posts next week :)

in pictures . the king of the castle

26 Nov

in pictures . colouring books are serious business

24 Nov

in pictures . the day she turned five

23 Nov

a random assortment of phone and camera snapshots of the things she chose to spend her birthday doing: opening presents, reading the birthday book, french toast with candles, a visit to the museum, deciphering birthday code, sledding with her brother, and last of all, birthday cake with a birthday crown!

one of those (incredibly) rare perfect days where everything goes according to plan, and everybody smiles all day — can’t think of a better way to have celebrated this amazing little lady.

iphoneography . a morning at the museum

21 Nov

in pictures . ready to go out

19 Nov

iphoneography . snow angels

18 Nov

on repeat . how long will i love you

18 Nov

ellie goulding (the waterboys cover)

how long will i love you?
as long as stars are above you
and longer if i can