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in pictures . ready to party

17 Nov

one of my favourite things about birthday party season is bowties every weekend :)

in pictures . more snow, more excitement

16 Nov

after a few rainy days, we were more than excited to see some fresh white stuff this morning. after all, a sledding birthday party on wet brown grass wouldn’t be much fun at all.

in pictures . page turner

14 Nov

in pictures . bedtime reading with dad

13 Nov

in pictures . this afternoon we went tobogganing

11 Nov

in pictures . gak

11 Nov

we made some gak last night. stretchy, bouncy, slimy fun — it entertained three kids and four adults for hours. you should try it :)

in pictures . muffins shaped like donuts are way more exciting than muffins shaped like muffins

9 Nov

in picture . goodnight

8 Nov

in pictures . traffic jam

8 Nov

in pictures . shopping buddy

6 Nov