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in pictures . blossom and brachiosaurus

20 Jan

on repeat . lightning tent

20 Jan


the beach is calling.

iphoneography . a little boy i know is rather pleased with the amount of flying we’ve done in the past two days

19 Jan

iphoneography . apparently bellies grow more quickly with third babies

16 Jan

in pictures . dragons

16 Jan

sometimes while she’s at school we hang out in her bedroom. he’s currently a little obsessed with these dragons left over from her fourth birthday :)

in pictures . untitled

14 Jan

sometimes she stops me in my tracks.

in pictures . a quick doodle before bed

13 Jan

as seen on . 5 minute project

13 Jan

so excited to be regularly contributing (with a group of crazy talented photogaphers) to the 5 minute project this year — this morning i’ve shared five minutes from our trip to the aviation museum last week :)

iphonegraphy . breaking out the skates

12 Jan

in pictures . hot chocolate

11 Jan