be crafty . gold ikea kristaller hack

17 Mar

i’ve been waiting all winter for mild enough temps to finally spray paint lila’s old chandelier. this past weekend i did just that, and i’m so happy to have crossed one more item off the to do list for her room before the new babe arrives. this was a super simple (albeit a bit tedious, partly due to my reassembling the crystals the wrong way. . . more than once) change and it really ties everything together in her new room (which isn’t actually so new at all, considering the wallpaper and bed went up a year ago now). shouldn’t be long now before i share the finished space!

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  1. Nani March 17 2014 at 11:39 pm #

    cannot wait to see the finished product. Have been dying to see what you did with her room (and Cole’s tooo) It seems like kids decor is a never ending process and we are always adding something new or having to get something done.

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