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iphoneography . popsicle weather

30 Apr

even if we end up getting a bit of snow this weekend, after the last couple of days, i’m feeling ready to declare it spring around these parts! hooray!

in pictures . he ‘vrooms’ with ferocity

29 Apr

as seen on . zara brothers and sisters [2]

28 Apr

our second collaboration went up on the zara website over the weekend(!!!) here are some favourites (and outtakes!) from our shoots for this round. you can check out their selections of our family and the others involved by following this link in canada, or clicking on the ‘brothers and sisters’ tab on the left side of the page once you arrive on the site!

still just as blown away by this opportunity now as i was when i shared the first set — such a dream come true. thank you all so much for being so supportive and sharing in our excitement!!

on repeat . the walker

28 Apr

fitz and the tantrums

happy monday morning!

in pictures . a little bouncing before bed

27 Apr

in pictures . saturday at the races

26 Apr

in pictures . dumptrucks and bulldozers

24 Apr

iphoneography . ballet wednesdays

23 Apr

in pictures . after school bubble blowing

22 Apr

in pictures . bead maze

21 Apr