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iphoneography . meat

31 Aug

lila’s beanie c/o mini mioche

she said . bones

30 Aug

in pictures . a morning at the u-pick

30 Aug

in pictures . and people say two year old boys are hard to photograph

30 Aug

i have no idea how or why they decided to stand still and hold hands and all look at me at the same time. but i will take it. harsh shadows and all.

book club . seven

29 Aug

apple orange pear bear by emily gravett
rosie revere, engineer by andrea beaty
not a box by antionette portis
cats’ night out by caroline stutson
the true story of the three little pigsby jon scieszka

in pictures . after dinner nap

28 Aug

in pictures . baby toes

27 Aug

he found them.

in pictures . he is most at home in the wilderness

26 Aug

he said . ghost car

26 Aug

while searching my room unsuccessfully for a toy car he had misplaced,

i love two year old logic.

in pictures . he is not afraid of anything

25 Aug

well, except for beavers.

but that’s a story for another day.