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in pictures . snowshoes and skis

16 Feb

in motion . hair today, gone tomorrow

15 Feb

iphoneography . my people

15 Feb

in pictures . 32

14 Feb

iphoneography . heart shaped glasses

14 Feb

at home . xo

13 Feb

be crafty . i only have eyes for you valentine’s printable

12 Feb

in true andrea fashion, i squeaked in some valentine’s at the last minute this year. (although this time i’m actually blogging before the holiday so i guess it’s a step in the right direction!)

this year, it was a wee bit more fun than usual because i collaborated with my talented pal christine from just bella to design this fun printable to go along with some cute eyeball rings we picked up at michael’s. and when i say “collaborated” and “we”, i mean christine found the rings and the came up with the concept, and did a lot of the design work while i kept her company ;) (thank goodness for creative friends during a month that has mostly been filled with thinking about logos and website design all that has been going on behind the scenes!)

the two of us make a pretty awesome team and i think we came up with a rather cute final product (and according to lila, the cards and the rings were a huge hit with her classmates).

so, just in case that you have some googly eye rings hanging around and are in need of the perfect valentine to washi tape them to in time for saturday (or if you just really want to be extra prepared for next year), we have the printable available for download here.

happy valentine’s day!

in pictures . ponytail iv

10 Feb

missed last year, but here it is in 2011, 2012 and 2013. i think the most shocking part this time is the change in colour!

in pictures . caught red handed

9 Feb

in pictures . on sunday morning

8 Feb