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in pictures . dumptrucks and bulldozers

24 Apr

iphoneography . ballet wednesdays

23 Apr

in pictures . after school bubble blowing

22 Apr

in pictures . bead maze

21 Apr

in pictures . a very neon easter

20 Apr

iphoneography . splatter party

19 Apr

i spent saturday evening surrounded by some of my very favourite people, celebrating my upcoming birthday — because baby is due to arrive the day before i turn thirty (!), we thought it safest to get together a couple of weeks early — with splatter paint and awesome food. i’m so very thankful to have these ladies in my life, and so excited to see our group canvas all stretched and up on the wall :)

in pictures . today we decorated eggs

18 Apr

feeling nostalgic . nov 2011

17 Apr

the first photo i took of the two of them together, almost two and a half years ago. it’s hard to believe they will both be big siblings within the next few weeks!

in pictures . reading bedtime stories to dino, long after what was supposed to have been bedtime

16 Apr

in pictures . it would appear that the juice box was quite satisfying

14 Apr