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in pictures . after dinner nap

28 Aug

in pictures . baby toes

27 Aug

he found them.

in pictures . he is most at home in the wilderness

26 Aug

he said . ghost car

26 Aug

while searching my room unsuccessfully for a toy car he had misplaced,

i love two year old logic.

in pictures . he is not afraid of anything

25 Aug

well, except for beavers.

but that’s a story for another day.

as seen on . better homes and gardens

25 Aug

it’s kind of impossible to come up with the right words in situations like this — it’s definitely another of those dream [that i never knew i even had] come true moments. these are photos of the halloween issue of better homes and gardens magazine. inside, you will find a 12-page feature of halloween costumes i designed and photographed.

i don’t really know what to say beyond that. other than this is so incredibly cool. and thank you. thank you to the people at bhg. thanks to mark for putting up with the massive mess that went into creating this, and every other costume, party, and random craft i’ve ever decided needs to be done right now. and thank you to all of you. who come here to check out this little blog, and who pin and share the images i take and crafts i make, and who hire me to photograph your families. we have a pretty good thing going here in pinksugarland, and lots of that is thanks to you :)

this is totally reading like an acceptance speech, but whatever. i’m happy, and i’m thankful.

on repeat . come to light

25 Aug


make sure you listen past the first 30 seconds :)

iphoneography . pb&j

23 Aug

in pictures . dimples

22 Aug

book club . six

22 Aug

crazy to believe it’s already been six weeks since we started!

the incredible book eating boy by oliver jeffers
the three little aliens and the big bad robot by margaret mcnamara
i want my hat back by jon klassen
zero by kathryn otoshi
little you by richard van camp