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feeling nostalgic . nov 2011

17 Apr

the first photo i took of the two of them together, almost two and a half years ago. it’s hard to believe they will both be big siblings within the next few weeks!

in pictures . reading bedtime stories to dino, long after what was supposed to have been bedtime

16 Apr

in pictures . it would appear that the juice box was quite satisfying

14 Apr

iphoneography . they were still for about three seconds and then the giggles came out

13 Apr

i’m partial to the giggle fit myself :)

in pictures . indoor playground

13 Apr

in pictures . yardwork

12 Apr

be crafty . geometric easter egg art

11 Apr

lila and i got started on our holiday decorating a little earlier than usual, so i thought i’d share our little creation in case anyone else wants to get up to some easter crafting this weekend!

the super simple steps:

1. create an egg shape with washi tape on a canvas (or paper!)
2. using the tape, divide the egg up into geometric sections
3. paint over the edges with white just in case any paint happens to sneak under the lines
4. paint your sections in whichever colours you like (we’re doing a neon theme this year!)
5. wait for the paint to dry and remove tape! (it took us a few coats of each colour)

happy crafting!

in pictures . street crossing

10 Apr

in pictures . puppy slippers

9 Apr

iphoneography . morning light

8 Apr