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in pictures . leftover confetti

25 Nov

in pictures . we like the museum

24 Nov

just a few images that, for various reasons, made me smile :)

(those recorded “dino noises” can be pretty spooky.)

in pictures . opening gifts on the morning she turned six years old

23 Nov

in pictures . six times around the sun

23 Nov

you amaze me. every. single. day.

happy sixth birthday my girl.

in pictures . the great confetti toss

22 Nov

iphoneography . saturday’s forecast is looking pretty good

21 Nov

in pictures . three sleeps shy of her sixth birthday

20 Nov

love this little lady. sass and all ;)

in pictures . om nom nom

18 Nov

yum, shoes!

in pictures . birthday season is my favourite season

17 Nov

another day, another birthday :)

in pictures . that time it appeared oscar might like to make a light snack out of his little cousin

16 Nov

three months seems like a huge age difference right now, but these little dudes are destined to be best buddies, just like their daddies.