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in pictures . the sprinkler

16 Jun

i don’t usually cross post my 5 minute projects here, but i love this one too much not to.

as seen on . zara brothers and sisters [3]

29 May

it doesn’t get any less surreal as time goes on — i’m still so thrilled that we’ve been able to be a part of this collaboration, and so excited that mister oscar arrived just in time to join the fun this time around :) as always, you can see the images zara selected for the campaign (with links to all of the clothing items the kids are wearing) on their website under the brothers and sisters tab (canadians can just follow this link)!
happy shopping!

as seen on . zara brothers and sisters [2]

28 Apr

our second collaboration went up on the zara website over the weekend(!!!) here are some favourites (and outtakes!) from our shoots for this round. you can check out their selections of our family and the others involved by following this link in canada, or clicking on the ‘brothers and sisters’ tab on the left side of the page once you arrive on the site!

still just as blown away by this opportunity now as i was when i shared the first set — such a dream come true. thank you all so much for being so supportive and sharing in our excitement!!

in pictures . the extras

18 Mar

we headed out on a couple of excursions to make an adventure out of the recent collaboration with zara (and to stay warm while it was 30 below that week!). here are some extras and outtakes that didn’t make the final cut.

to see their selections (and the other blogs involved in the project), head over to zara and click on the brothers and sisters tab :)

(yes i’m still crazy excited about this, and still so thankful to all of you for sharing in the excitement! wheee!)

as seen on .

12 Mar

so, i think this is where i’m supposed to play it cool like this is no big deal. . . but you guys!!! i could not have dreamt up a more awesome collaboration if i tried — doing some of my favourite things with my favourite people for one of my favourite brands. . .

nobody pinch me ;)

in pictures . puddle jumping

9 Mar

you can see more from our puddle jumping adventure over on the 5 minute project :)

as seen on . pink sugar photography

10 Feb

the story of our vacation, in (dozens of) photographs, is up on my business blog today.

and five minutes with my girl in golden sunset light can be found over at 5 minute project.

also, i’ve been getting a lot of questions about our trip and travelling with kids, etc. so i’m going to try to do little q&a post shortly. let me know if you have any questions and i’ll do my best to answer them!

as seen on . 5 minute project

13 Jan

so excited to be regularly contributing (with a group of crazy talented photogaphers) to the 5 minute project this year — this morning i’ve shared five minutes from our trip to the aviation museum last week :)

as seen on . better homes and gardens

13 Sep

yes, you read that right!

never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine that my little holiday crafts would end up in the pages of a magazine, so it has been pretty surreal (and awesome) to find the halloween issue of better homes and gardens on shelves this week and open it up to find our house and sweet kiddos :)

thank you to all of you for the support and encouragement over the years (first over on my business blog, then on lila was here, and now here in pinksugarland), thanks to anyone who has ever pinned one of my photos (without you, the people at bhg would never have stumbled across my work), and a huge thank you to better homes and gardens magazine for featuring our little family in your amazing publication.

i’m not feeling the pressure this halloween season at all… ;)

as seen on . 5 minute project

26 Aug

so thrilled to have five minutes in the life of cole featured over on the 5 minute project today! i would definitely recommend checking this project out, and perhaps taking part too :)