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in pictures . a very neon easter

20 Apr

in pictures . today we decorated eggs

18 Apr

be crafty . geometric easter egg art

11 Apr

lila and i got started on our holiday decorating a little earlier than usual, so i thought i’d share our little creation in case anyone else wants to get up to some easter crafting this weekend!

the super simple steps:

1. create an egg shape with washi tape on a canvas (or paper!)
2. using the tape, divide the egg up into geometric sections
3. paint over the edges with white just in case any paint happens to sneak under the lines
4. paint your sections in whichever colours you like (we’re doing a neon theme this year!)
5. wait for the paint to dry and remove tape! (it took us a few coats of each colour)

happy crafting!

at home . his and hers

1 Apr

almost there :)

iphoneography . scenes from the fridge

20 Mar

be crafty . gold ikea kristaller hack

17 Mar

i’ve been waiting all winter for mild enough temps to finally spray paint lila’s old chandelier. this past weekend i did just that, and i’m so happy to have crossed one more item off the to do list for her room before the new babe arrives. this was a super simple (albeit a bit tedious, partly due to my reassembling the crystals the wrong way. . . more than once) change and it really ties everything together in her new room (which isn’t actually so new at all, considering the wallpaper and bed went up a year ago now). shouldn’t be long now before i share the finished space!

at home . xo

17 Feb

double duty decorations to help us celebrate both of our family’s special occasions on the 14th :)

the kids and i watercoloured our little hearts out this year, which made this mantel extra special — it’s so fun to involve them in the process as they get older and more interested!

hope everyone had a love-filled weekend (as every weekend should be)!

be crafty . balloon valentines

15 Feb

teeny tiny heart balloons, a wee bit of washi tape (because i can never help myself) and a clever little note thanks to a bit of pinterest inspiration.

a little late for this year, but if you want to try these yourself next february 14th, you can download a free printable here :)

in pictures . merry new year

2 Jan

we didn’t bring many of our own christmas gifts on our holiday road trip — a combination of knowing that lila and cole would have plenty of goodies to open between two sets of grandparents and their various aunts/uncles/cousins, and the fact that we decided at the very last minute to head out and there was no way any of them were getting wrapped before we left — so we had our third (and final!) little christmas celebration this morning with the wee ones! it’s been such fun spreading the joy of the holidays out over the last week and a bit, and getting to share it with so many of our friends and family :)

now it’s time to pack everything up until next year, when we’ll have three little hankis to spend the holidays with!

in pictures . gak

11 Nov

we made some gak last night. stretchy, bouncy, slimy fun — it entertained three kids and four adults for hours. you should try it :)