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in pictures . mount robson

2 Jul

if you’re going to stop the car for a quick stretch on the way home, it may as well be somewhere with a view.

in pictures . sunday at the fort

22 Jun

be crafty . wood veeneer family portrait

15 Jun

pinksugarland fathers day wood veneer family portrait
a stack of wood veneer + custom illustrations by my favourite five year old + some cutting and gluing = the perfect family portrait for the man of the house.

we love you mister hanki.

in pictures . a quick dip before heading home

8 Jun

in pictures . the tiniest camper

7 Jun

and the sleepiest too :)

in pictures . one month today

1 Jun

in pictures . team nap

25 May

iphoneography . saturday morning

24 May

in pictures . post bath snuggles

10 May

in pictures . hospital bracelets

8 May