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iphoneography . a little fresh air never hurts

19 Dec

got the little dude off the couch and outside today. things are looking up :)

in pictures . cold and flu season

18 Dec

(please let it pass before christmas.)

in pictures . this year’s tree hunt ended in the ikea parking lot

14 Dec

in pictures . building birthday toys before the sun rises

13 Dec

in pictures . fire extinguishing team

12 Dec

happy birthday lauren!

in pictures . there’s a whole lot more where these came from

10 Dec

cole’s party was kinda fun.

also, i think my grammar might be wrong up there in the title, but we’re heading out the door to yet another party (i’m not complianing), so i’m just going to let that slide.

iphoneography . something festive this way comes

8 Dec

feeling nostalgic . third birthday balloons

30 Nov

it appears we’ve started a tradition. (see lila’s balloons here.

in pictures . the day he turned three

27 Nov

can’t really go wrong with a day that starts and ends with blowing out candles!

in pictures . one & one & one is three

27 Nov

happy third birthday wonder boy.

love you to the moon and back.