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in pictures . a morning at the u-pick

30 Aug

in pictures . and people say two year old boys are hard to photograph

30 Aug

i have no idea how or why they decided to stand still and hold hands and all look at me at the same time. but i will take it. harsh shadows and all.

in pictures . after dinner nap

28 Aug

in pictures . he is most at home in the wilderness

26 Aug

in pictures . he is not afraid of anything

25 Aug

well, except for beavers.

but that’s a story for another day.

in pictures . dimples

22 Aug

in pictures . follow the leader

21 Aug

adventuring with alice. they took turns :)

in pictures . a wednesday afternoon in the backyard that unintentionally ended up looking a bit like a fashion shoot

20 Aug

in pictures . afternoon walk

19 Aug

i’ve been working pretty much nonstop since we returned from our holidays (i think this might be the first time in four years that i’ve gone three consecutive days without taking any photos of my kids!) so it felt nice to take a quick break between editing and sessions this afternoon for a little walk in the woods :)

in pictures . back in his own bed

15 Aug

home sweet home :)