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in writing . the homies!

21 Feb

here we go again!

i just found out this morning that we’ve been nominated (huge thanks to whomever it was that threw our name in the hat!!) for favourite family & kids blog over on apartment therapy!

apparently nominees were announced at the beginning of the week so we have a lot of catching up to do to make the finals this year, but if you happen to have a spare minute to give us a vote today, that would be awesome!! (we’re currently way down at the bottom of the list!)

we are huge fans of apartment therapy here in pinksugarland — for those of you who are new-ish followers, they featured lila’s toddler room tour a few years back! — and it’s such an honour (and lots of fun!) to be included among such great company in these awards.

big thanks in advance to anyone who takes a minute or two to head over and give us your vote! (and be prepared to get sucked into a bunch of amazing blogs in all of the categories!!)

happy thursday!

in writing . twenty thirteen

8 Jan

it’s hard to know where to begin when reflecting on the past year. . . 2013 was quite the ride here in pinksugarland; we embarked on some awesome adventures, but the highs and lows sure were extreme.

that said, thank you so much to all of you who have followed along with us here over the past year (especially for your patience over the last while as we’ve adjusted to our new schedule with lila in school, and me being rather under the weather for the first four months of this pregnancy.)

tomorrow this little blog will celebrate it’s second birthday, and i can’t wait to share this coming next year with you all. it’s sure to be a pretty special year with another little one joining our family in the spring, and lots of other great things on the horizon. like last year, i’m hoping to find the time to share more of our favourite things, crafts, styles, and songs, as well as finally posting the kids’ bedrooms and some other projects around the house; however based on my success rate of increasing those posts over the last year, i’m not making any guarantees ;) what i can promise though, is to keep looking for bits of joy and beauty in the everyday, and documenting those moments as we go.

without further ado, the top thirteen posts of twenty thirteen:

13. our halloween celebrations

12. cole’s afternoon sink bath

11. experimenting with double exposures

10. how to wear floral shorts

9. lila’s room update

8. our stop motion camping trip

7. top ten of 2012

6. lila’s first day of kindergarten

5. an impromptu photoshoot

4. cole’s first birthday party

3. a profound loss for our family

2. lila’s paper bag princess party

and the highlight of our year. . .
1. a big announcement

thank you for being here :)

as seen on . motherhood with a camera

29 Jul

such an honour to be included once again in this wonderful project. when amy grace invited me to be a part of this most recent chorus about changes, for once i knew exactly what it was i wanted to say.

i hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.

in writing . light

15 Apr

one of our favourite children’s authors shared this “message for children… (and) all of us” today. it’s a nice reminder when things are feeling a bit dark.

in pictures . one

28 Mar

four months ago, my baby boy turned one and i took some pictures. now it’s almost april, and it feels a little silly that it’s taken so long, but it’s about time i shared some of those photos, and a few words i wrote down on that day. (i’m not a writer, but i’m working on it.)


it’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that i was awaiting your arrival, more than a little bit nervous that i couldn’t possibly love another child as much as i loved your sister.

and then you were born, and in that instant, all of my worries disappeared.

thank you, sweet boy, for filling a hole in our family that i never knew existed. for fitting in so seamlessly from the first day you arrived. for teaching me to love you and your sister and your daddy fuller and harder than i knew was ever possible. for your crazy pterodactyl screams and sweet little kisses. for your wobbly first steps and your love of sparkly necklaces and all things with wheels. for (thus far) putting up with bowties and skinny jeans and seeming to actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning… or in the late afternoon, depending on the day ;). for avoiding any serious injuries despite your affinity for getting yourself into risky situations. for your squishy cheeks and long lashes and ticklish toes. for all that you are.

we are so lucky to have you in our lives.

happy first birthday my boy. i love you so.

ps. it’s a little bit embarrassing posting this all so late, but not nearly as embarrassing as those birth announcements still piled on our dresser…

in writing . we did it!!

11 Feb

um, yay!!! thank you so much for all of your votes last week :) amongst so many amazing and long established blogs, it’s pretty unbelievable to me that our newly one year old little space on the web made it into the top six! i have no illusions about winning this thing, but i do so appreciate each and every one of your votes and all of the support (and i’ll admit, it would be awesome if we didn’t come in dead last in the finals, haha). if you voted in the first round, your vote in the finals is just the click of a button in the poll, and if you missed the first round but still want to add your vote, head here. thanks all — you guys are the best!!

happy monday!

in writing . the homies

4 Feb

it’s that time of year again :)

yay!! thank you thank you thank you to whoever nominated adventures in pinksugarland this year for best family & kids blog over on apartment therapy. you’ve totally made my day :)

if you’d like to add your vote, you can do so here. we’re currently way down at the bottom of the list… think we can crack the top ten again this year?? top six make it to the final round!

thanks in advance to those of you you take the time to vote. (and even if you don’t vote, thanks for just being here and sharing our adventures!)

and if you’re visiting here for the first time today from at, welcome!!

in pictures . loss

10 Jan

our children lost a cousin yesterday, and the world lost a brilliant young man.

this photo seemed fitting.

we miss you already david. shine on.

in writing . a birthday, a thank you, a plan and a top ten

9 Jan

today is the official first birthday of this little blog and i’m feeling just a wee bit nostalgic — i took some time to go back to the first posts here and it’s pretty amazing to see how much lila and cole have grown and changed in such a short period of time.

i am oh so thankful to have this record of my children, for the encouragement of friends and family to get it started, and for all of you, who check in on our adventures from time to time (or every day) to see what we’ve been up to here in pinksugarland.

taking a few minutes each evening to pick a photo (or two) to share and to reflect on our day has really helped me to be grateful for the lovely life we have — and on those days that aren’t so lovely, to appreciate a happy moment or two tucked in amongst the chaos ;)

looking forward, the plan for this year is more of the same, keeping a daily-ish photo journal of our lives, as well as (hopefully) sharing more of the things we love, make, listen to and wear, and getting a few of the projects on our to do list around the house completed (i have dozens of ideas drafted and just need to sit down and finish one every once in a while!). if there is anything in particular that you want to see more of, just let me know and i’ll see what i can do!

looking back, here were the most popular posts of the last year:
10. easter glitter. glitter, more glitter and a few stripes too :)

9. halloween decor, snacks, and two sets of costumes — perhaps the biggest post all year.

8. airplane valentines still no plan for this year — better get on that!

7. counting down to daddy’s return from africa.

6. our stop motion camping trip one of my very favourites of the year!

5. lila’s fourth birthday letter and photos (which reminds me, i still have to post cole’s!)

4. lila in the window (this one went crazy on pinterest)

3. cole’s birth announcements which i am sad to admit are still sitting here in our house :(

2. the bubble looking forward to bringing the bubble outdoors when things warm up.

1. boxland! these houses are still played with on an almost daily basis.

here’s to another year of awesome adventures. thanks for joinging us for the ride!

in pictures . four

29 Nov

you, my lilabean, are four now.

four years old and so imaginative and interested in the world and excited about life.

you are quick to make friends and (when you’re in the mood) happy to chat with every person you see…… whether they are interested in conversation or not ;) just as feisty as ever, you don’t hesitate to let people know what you think, good or bad; you wear your heart on your sleeve. you are one of the most ticklish little girls i’ve ever come across and your laugh is one of my favourite sounds in that world — especially that crazy laugh reserved for things that are extra silly :) you love reading anything and everything you can get your hands on these days — books, signs, posters, instructions — and we are beyond proud of you. i’ll admit that the why‘s do get a wee bit tedious on occasion, but we try our best to provide you with all of the knowledge you’re looking for, my girl, and if you have a question we don’t know the answer to, you’re always ready to “google it!”.

in the last few months, you’ve finally begun sleeping through the night most nights, and on the rare occasion when you do attempt to sneak into our bed, i secretly don’t really mind ;) you’re a champion snuggler. you love food and your sweet tooth is unrivaled in this house (which is saying a lot when you have me for a momma……). you love parties and shopping and making crafts, and i love that as you get older you’re taking a more active role in all of these things. your baby brother looks up to you like crazy and you love to dress him up in “handsome” bow ties and help him walk around the house by holding his hands. you’ve grown into an amazing big sister over the past year — we all have off days ;) — and i so look forward to watching the two of you grow up together.

it’s hard to believe that this is your last year at home all day with me before heading off to kindergarten in the fall. i’m going to hold on to every moment we have left, but i promise to send you off as best prepared to grow and learn as i can.

thank you for still letting me call you my baby girl. i love you so.

(on a more humourous note — we brought a little helium tank to fill up the balloons for lila’s birthday session once we got to our location, and half way through the fourth balloon, the thing completely ran out. i had to blow the balloon up the rest of the way and, of course, it was too heavy to float :P any images were you see all four balloons floating, that light pink one up on top is precariously balanced on top of the other three. there were a lot of laughs attempting to get that thing to stay up there. the best laid plans……)