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in writing . a very hanki launch party

15 Mar

so this is the moment, about half an hour before i’m set to publish the new site, that i get all sentimental about saying goodbye to this little space. i started pinksugarland fresh off a year of documenting my newly three year old on lila was here and now she’s closing in on six and a half. cole was brand new and oh so roly poly and anyone who’s followed along since that time has essentially had a front row seat in watching him grow up. since starting this blog we have celebrated some incredible milestones and opportunities, suffered some incredible heartaches, and welcomed the newest member of our tribe, baby brother oscar.

that all said, it’s time. time for me to step out from behind the pink sugar brand and just be me. so please join me, join all of us, in hankiland, our new home on the web. aside from the name change, the new look (courtesy of the awesome girls behind gimme that it), and the fact that you can now find both my photography work, personal work and everything in between all in one place, nothing has changed. this will be the new place to visit to see daily(ish) photos of our little family, the adventures we get up to, and all of our favourite things. and as a bonus, in celebration of the launch of this new chapter, i’ll be hosting a week of incredible giveaways from a ton of my favourite canadian designers and shops. i’m starting it all off with a bang, and giving away a lifestyle family session including digital files over on my new business blog and i can’t wait to see you all there.

thank you for sharing in our adventures.

in writing . #zoomoutmovement

16 Dec

so, i’m blatantly cross posting this from my instagram account, but based on the response there, i wanted to share it here too!

. . . . .

anyone who has followed my work for any period of time is probably pretty aware of my tendency to focus on the positive/find the light/celebrate the everyday/enjoy the small things… to “zoom in” if you will. in chatting with a good friend recently (this is all her idea really), she mentioned how much power there was in both spotlighting the awesome moments AND in “zooming out” once in a while, to embrace the chaos and to give some context and perspective.

while this concept is nothing new, i thought it could be a fun little project to start and to extend to anybody else who wants to join in and share some of the not so pretty behind the pretty.

all that to say, welcome to the #zoomoutmovement and please play along :)

. . . . .

and if you somehow were under the impression that i (or anyone else for that matter) am “doing it all”, you were wrong ;)

in pictures . monsters and spiders and ghosts oh my [halloween 2014]

1 Nov

having children has quickly made halloween one of my favourite times of year. any excuse for a celebration is a good one for me. one that includes crafting and sugar, even better.

if this post isn’t huge enough for you (ha!), you can see iphone photos on instagram (#monstersandspidersandghostsohmy). (thank goodness for the one photo of oscar with his “fire” in on ig because he boycotted it the rest of the week.)

costume prep was a little less stressful this year as most of the kids’ costumes (cupid, scuba diver, dragon and hot air balloon) were ones i had designed for my costume feature in better homes and gardens, the jet pack was a hand me down from a couple of years ago, and the spaceman was lila’s old ballerina robot costume with some modifications! (it was so fun to reimagine that one for cole this year.)

lila already has a few costume ideas up her sleeve for next year — i can’t wait!

spooky print is a digital download from hello tosha designs.
tutorials for the bhg costumes are available until november 3 here.

as seen on . better homes and gardens

25 Aug

it’s kind of impossible to come up with the right words in situations like this — it’s definitely another of those dream [that i never knew i even had] come true moments. these are photos of the halloween issue of better homes and gardens magazine. inside, you will find a 12-page feature of halloween costumes i designed and photographed.

i don’t really know what to say beyond that. other than this is so incredibly cool. and thank you. thank you to the people at bhg. thanks to mark for putting up with the massive mess that went into creating this, and every other costume, party, and random craft i’ve ever decided needs to be done right now. and thank you to all of you. who come here to check out this little blog, and who pin and share the images i take and crafts i make, and who hire me to photograph your families. we have a pretty good thing going here in pinksugarland, and lots of that is thanks to you :)

this is totally reading like an acceptance speech, but whatever. i’m happy, and i’m thankful.

in writing . the homies!

21 Feb

here we go again!

i just found out this morning that we’ve been nominated (huge thanks to whomever it was that threw our name in the hat!!) for favourite family & kids blog over on apartment therapy!

apparently nominees were announced at the beginning of the week so we have a lot of catching up to do to make the finals this year, but if you happen to have a spare minute to give us a vote today, that would be awesome!! (we’re currently way down at the bottom of the list!)

we are huge fans of apartment therapy here in pinksugarland — for those of you who are new-ish followers, they featured lila’s toddler room tour a few years back! — and it’s such an honour (and lots of fun!) to be included among such great company in these awards.

big thanks in advance to anyone who takes a minute or two to head over and give us your vote! (and be prepared to get sucked into a bunch of amazing blogs in all of the categories!!)

happy thursday!

in writing . twenty thirteen

8 Jan

it’s hard to know where to begin when reflecting on the past year. . . 2013 was quite the ride here in pinksugarland; we embarked on some awesome adventures, but the highs and lows sure were extreme.

that said, thank you so much to all of you who have followed along with us here over the past year (especially for your patience over the last while as we’ve adjusted to our new schedule with lila in school, and me being rather under the weather for the first four months of this pregnancy.)

tomorrow this little blog will celebrate it’s second birthday, and i can’t wait to share this coming next year with you all. it’s sure to be a pretty special year with another little one joining our family in the spring, and lots of other great things on the horizon. like last year, i’m hoping to find the time to share more of our favourite things, crafts, styles, and songs, as well as finally posting the kids’ bedrooms and some other projects around the house; however based on my success rate of increasing those posts over the last year, i’m not making any guarantees ;) what i can promise though, is to keep looking for bits of joy and beauty in the everyday, and documenting those moments as we go.

without further ado, the top thirteen posts of twenty thirteen:

13. our halloween celebrations

12. cole’s afternoon sink bath

11. experimenting with double exposures

10. how to wear floral shorts

9. lila’s room update

8. our stop motion camping trip

7. top ten of 2012

6. lila’s first day of kindergarten

5. an impromptu photoshoot

4. cole’s first birthday party

3. a profound loss for our family

2. lila’s paper bag princess party

and the highlight of our year. . .
1. a big announcement

thank you for being here :)

as seen on . motherhood with a camera

29 Jul

such an honour to be included once again in this wonderful project. when amy grace invited me to be a part of this most recent chorus about changes, for once i knew exactly what it was i wanted to say.

i hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.

in writing . light

15 Apr

one of our favourite children’s authors shared this “message for children… (and) all of us” today. it’s a nice reminder when things are feeling a bit dark.

in pictures . one

28 Mar

four months ago, my baby boy turned one and i took some pictures. now it’s almost april, and it feels a little silly that it’s taken so long, but it’s about time i shared some of those photos, and a few words i wrote down on that day. (i’m not a writer, but i’m working on it.)


it’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that i was awaiting your arrival, more than a little bit nervous that i couldn’t possibly love another child as much as i loved your sister.

and then you were born, and in that instant, all of my worries disappeared.

thank you, sweet boy, for filling a hole in our family that i never knew existed. for fitting in so seamlessly from the first day you arrived. for teaching me to love you and your sister and your daddy fuller and harder than i knew was ever possible. for your crazy pterodactyl screams and sweet little kisses. for your wobbly first steps and your love of sparkly necklaces and all things with wheels. for (thus far) putting up with bowties and skinny jeans and seeming to actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning… or in the late afternoon, depending on the day ;). for avoiding any serious injuries despite your affinity for getting yourself into risky situations. for your squishy cheeks and long lashes and ticklish toes. for all that you are.

we are so lucky to have you in our lives.

happy first birthday my boy. i love you so.

ps. it’s a little bit embarrassing posting this all so late, but not nearly as embarrassing as those birth announcements still piled on our dresser…

in writing . we did it!!

11 Feb

um, yay!!! thank you so much for all of your votes last week :) amongst so many amazing and long established blogs, it’s pretty unbelievable to me that our newly one year old little space on the web made it into the top six! i have no illusions about winning this thing, but i do so appreciate each and every one of your votes and all of the support (and i’ll admit, it would be awesome if we didn’t come in dead last in the finals, haha). if you voted in the first round, your vote in the finals is just the click of a button in the poll, and if you missed the first round but still want to add your vote, head here. thanks all — you guys are the best!!

happy monday!