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iphoneography . trains

23 Jul

smitten with . instagram

13 Jul

i’m fairly certain most people that follow along here are quite familiar with this little habit of mine, but just in case you aren’t and because i left my big camera in my bag this weekend, here are some of my favourite recent phone photos.

this all feels a bit like a love letter, haha, but there is honestly just so much i love about instagram. i love the challenge of creating art with my phone camera (i’m not always toting my big camera around when my hands are full of three kiddos these days). there’s the fact that i don’t need to spend time sitting at my computer to quickly get a photo edited and uploaded (i use the pictapgo app), and all of the fun indie shops and designers i’ve come across (from kids’ clothes to toys to home decor and on and on), but most of all, it’s the community that keeps me coming back! i’ve connected with some amazing people and opportunities (along with with friends and family near and far) in the year and a half since i joined and am still finding awesome new gems every day.

for those who are interested, you can follow along with [even more of] our adventures over there — my user name is andreahanki — and if you leave your username below, i’d love to check out your feeds as well.

hope to see you there!

(along with all of the love though, i can’t help but mention all of the accounts that keep getting deactivated these days. . . hoping there will be some clarification of guidelines and a resolution soon so that we don’t have to stop posting photos of our kids being kids for fear of losing our whole accounts!)

iphoneography . book club

9 Jul

iphoneography . scenes from this evening

6 Jul

iphoneography . tiny patriot

1 Jul

iphoneography . summer vacation

27 Jun

back to reality (and the internet) after starting our summer vacation off with a mini holiday at our cabin in bc! it’s catch up time :)

be crafty . teacher appreciation

26 Jun

lila picked out a succulent and a pretty pink pot, we fancied it up with some thank you flags made from wooden skewers, paper straws and card stock, and included a gift card to our favourite bookstore — the perfect send off to an amazing teacher.

(if you happen to see this post, i hope you know how much we appreciate you and all that you’ve done for lila this year. she has grown so much over the past ten months (see the evidence here) and came home from school every single day excited about what she was learning. we couldn’t have wished for a better kindergarten experience for her. thank you.)

iphoneography . being awesome can really tire a little guy out

23 Jun

iphoneography . can’t get enough of these tiny smiles

19 Jun

side note: i need to remember to pick up my big camera more with this little guy!

happy weekend!!

feeling nostalgic . genetics

18 Jun

had some time to kill while waiting in a line today so lila and i starting comparing some iphone snaps of oscar from this morning, with some of lila and cole’s baby photos. i think it’s safe to say they’re all related. (and also that i have a thing for hooded baby clothes.)