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smitten with . gifts for baby

17 Dec

so, this post is coming up on being seven months late or so, but with christmas right around the corner, i figured better now than never. it may be too late to pick up most of these things in time for the holidays, but these gifts (yes my friends have amazing taste and all of these goodies (aside from the baby book i won on instagram) were given to oscar) would be perfect for the expecting mama, new baby, or small child in your life — any time of year!

in writing . #zoomoutmovement

16 Dec

so, i’m blatantly cross posting this from my instagram account, but based on the response there, i wanted to share it here too!

. . . . .

anyone who has followed my work for any period of time is probably pretty aware of my tendency to focus on the positive/find the light/celebrate the everyday/enjoy the small things… to “zoom in” if you will. in chatting with a good friend recently (this is all her idea really), she mentioned how much power there was in both spotlighting the awesome moments AND in “zooming out” once in a while, to embrace the chaos and to give some context and perspective.

while this concept is nothing new, i thought it could be a fun little project to start and to extend to anybody else who wants to join in and share some of the not so pretty behind the pretty.

all that to say, welcome to the #zoomoutmovement and please play along :)

. . . . .

and if you somehow were under the impression that i (or anyone else for that matter) am “doing it all”, you were wrong ;)

iphoneography . something festive this way comes

8 Dec

iphoneography . getting some fresh air

1 Dec

pardon the radio silence these last few days — the littlest hanki was very unwell over the weekend and to start out the week and we’re playing catch up around these parts.

also, this sled is amazing on cold and windy days!

iphoneography . saturday’s forecast is looking pretty good

21 Nov

iphoneography . i think oscar quite enjoys when lila comes home from school for lunch

14 Nov

iphoneography . birthday season

7 Nov

november means celebrating the birthdays of lila and cole, and half a dozen of their best buddies. first up, a slumber party (complete with dream catchers) for a sweet newly six year old. happy birthday miss tessy — we sure love you!

iphoneography . tea date

5 Nov

an afternoon of running errands and a tea date with my boys ended up turning into a five hour stint for breathing treatments at the local children’s hospital when this little guy couldn’t catch his breath. thankfully he’s home safe and sound and feeling much better now after a day of rest. hats off to the families that have to deal with ongoing medical issues — i don’t know how you do it.

iphoneography . six months old

1 Nov

well. . . that was quick.

iphoneography . a galaxyland kind of morning

15 Oct