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iphoneography . the best man, the flowergirl and a few other guests

19 Jan

iphoneography . operation escape winter

13 Jan

iphoneography . “take a picture of me momma!”

6 Jan

iphoneography . hi

5 Jan

alternate title: the day my eight month old somehow posted a photo to instagram with his face. that’s talent people.

iphonoegraphy . new year’s family selfie

31 Dec

iphoneography . fireworks

31 Dec

iphoneography . the brothers

26 Dec

smitten with . for the girl with eclectic tastes

20 Dec

lila loves reading and dolls and art and science and fashion and a whole slew of other things. aside from books she’s been loving, here are a few things that have really caught her attention post birthday season (aside from the doll who she’ll be meeting christmas morning).

(not pictured here but totally awesome — roominate building set and giant colouring poster)

iphoneography . a little fresh air never hurts

19 Dec

got the little dude off the couch and outside today. things are looking up :)

smitten with . for the tiny adventurer

18 Dec

while i’m on a roll with the “gift guides” here, here are some goodies for the little boy or girl on your list that cole is either about to receive or has been enjoying lately. (and a couple that, really, are more for mom, but sure make his walls look good.)

(not pictured but currently high on the love list, anything from play doh, lego, or sands alive.)