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iphoneography . splatter party

19 Apr

i spent saturday evening surrounded by some of my very favourite people, celebrating my upcoming birthday — because baby is due to arrive the day before i turn thirty (!), we thought it safest to get together a couple of weeks early — with splatter paint and awesome food. i’m so very thankful to have these ladies in my life, and so excited to see our group canvas all stretched and up on the wall :)

iphoneography . they were still for about three seconds and then the giggles came out

13 Apr

i’m partial to the giggle fit myself :)

be crafty . geometric easter egg art

11 Apr

lila and i got started on our holiday decorating a little earlier than usual, so i thought i’d share our little creation in case anyone else wants to get up to some easter crafting this weekend!

the super simple steps:

1. create an egg shape with washi tape on a canvas (or paper!)
2. using the tape, divide the egg up into geometric sections
3. paint over the edges with white just in case any paint happens to sneak under the lines
4. paint your sections in whichever colours you like (we’re doing a neon theme this year!)
5. wait for the paint to dry and remove tape! (it took us a few coats of each colour)

happy crafting!

iphoneography . morning light

8 Apr

iphoneography . must have been a suspenseful moment in the story ;)

3 Apr

at home . his and hers

1 Apr

almost there :)

iphoneography . feline photobomb

23 Mar

iphoneography . thirty four weeks

21 Mar

iphoneography . scenes from the fridge

20 Mar

she said . pot of gold

17 Mar

she was initially a little less than impressed by the lack of green options in her closet, but she quickly got over when she realized gold was also a good choice for st. patrick’s day.