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on repeat . all the way

7 Apr


something to dance to on this monday morning :)

on repeat . hey brother

10 Mar


the kiddos love this one right now, and if they pick something up from the lyrics, i won’t mind that either :)

what if i’m far from home?
oh brother, i will hear you call.
what if i lose it all?
oh sister, i will help you out.
oh, if the sky comes falling down for you,
there’s nothing in this world i wouldn’t do…

i hope this is the kind of love they’ll have for one another. always.

on repeat . rolling stone

17 Feb

reuben and the dark

i haven’t fallen in love with a song this quickly in a long long time.

so good.

on repeat . big red dragon

3 Feb

little green cars

on repeat . lightning tent

20 Jan


the beach is calling.

on repeat . make believe

6 Jan

meghan & lucas

lets leave our worries behind,
open our minds,
step outside.
the day’s brand new…

here’s to a new year of imagination and adventure.

on repeat . love love love

2 Dec

avalanche city

this one seems particularly fitting today — the band because a bit of blizzard outside, and and the song because we’re still feeling the love (love love) from yesterday’s birthday celebration for our two favourite little people :)

happy snowy monday!

on repeat . how long will i love you

18 Nov

ellie goulding (the waterboys cover)

how long will i love you?
as long as stars are above you
and longer if i can

on repeat . let her go

28 Oct

cait has good taste — i can’t get enough of this one.

on repeat . all my loving

14 Oct

the well pennies (beatles cover)

i’m also thankful for songs i can play over and over and over :) found this one here.