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iphoneography . must have been a suspenseful moment in the story ;)

3 Apr

in pictures . the extras

18 Mar

we headed out on a couple of excursions to make an adventure out of the recent collaboration with zara (and to stay warm while it was 30 below that week!). here are some extras and outtakes that didn’t make the final cut.

to see their selections (and the other blogs involved in the project), head over to zara and click on the brothers and sisters tab :)

(yes i’m still crazy excited about this, and still so thankful to all of you for sharing in the excitement! wheee!)

in pictures . sometimes you try to take a photo of your child playing nicely on her bed, and you end up with… this

6 Mar

iphoneography . here we see mr. fox having a not quite so fantastic moment

27 Oct

sorry little buddy, but this face makes me laugh every time.

in pictures . spotlight

26 Oct

pulled my camera out while lila was out helping mark with the deck after dark — this photo was a total accident while i was checking settings, but it felt a little spooky and fitting for this week, so it stays :)

in pictures . his dandelion blowing technique could use some work

11 Jun

i don’t think he’ll be licking another one any time in the near future ;)

feeling nostalgic . flower child

10 Apr

we decided to make an updated version of this photo from april 2010 this morning.

nailed it!

in pictures . baghead

14 Nov

in pictures . oh no you don’t

10 Aug

totally an outtake, but way too funny not to share. what you see here is lila’s reaction upon noticing that cole was about to play with one of her toys. i think she may have been in a bit of a hurry to intervene ;)

some days the whole sharing thing comes easier than others…