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she said . pot of gold

17 Mar

she was initially a little less than impressed by the lack of green options in her closet, but she quickly got over when she realized gold was also a good choice for st. patrick’s day.

she said . all about dad

16 Jun

my dad’s name is: mark andrew hanki

he is 50 years old

my dad looks like: i don’t know how… he has black hair. he’s as big as… i mean, strong enough to lift up a house.

my dad’s job is: geophysics and physics

the best thing my dad cooks is: hot dogs

i like to go camping and bike ride with my dad

my dad always says: i love you

i love my dad because: he loves me

happy father’s day mister hanki. you’re pretty much the greatest.

ps. apparently we’re both 50! time to work on those numbers ;)
pps. and while we’re at it, my interviewing skills could use some work too. #speakingoncameraisthemostawkwardthingever #ormaybehashtaggingablogpostis #toughcall

she said . perfect

19 May

this happened yesterday as lila was taking a photo of cole and i and it made me smile :)

(forgot my card reader at home so photos (other than instagram will have to wait until we get back.) happy long weekend!

she said . all about mom

13 May

my mom’s name is: andrea

she is 50 years old

her favourite colour is: pink

my mom’s job is: taking pictures

the best thing my mom cooks is: everything except peppers

my mom looks like: i don’t know how to explain that… she has a bunch of freckles. always wears pretty clothes. she is always holding cole.

i like to go on vacation and paint with my mom

my mom always says: i love you

my mom loves: my heart


aside from the age and the freckles (???), she’s got me down pretty good ;)

she said . bags

14 Sep

she said . stickers

27 Apr

iphoneography . lofty aspirations

12 Mar

scenes from lila’s preschool “celebration of learning” this evening — my girl has big dreams :)

she said . north pole

9 Mar

upon seeing this photo of her daddy who’s working way up north right now.

i love three year old logic :)

she said . bright eyes

16 Feb

while drawing on her aquadoodle.

the answer:
her baby brother :)

she said . expensive

30 Dec