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in pictures . a quick stroll before winter returns and everything freezes up again

27 Jan

iphoneography . we’re working on getting the little one more interested in the story inside the books instead of just the taste of them

26 Jan

in pictures . “sure you can take my picture mom”

24 Jan

“wow, thanks honey!” ;)

in pictures . catching up

22 Jan

on homework and sleep.

this might take a while.

in pictures . one last beach trip

21 Jan

in pictures . a forest of bamboo

20 Jan

in the running for my favourite place on earth.

iphoneography . the best man, the flowergirl and a few other guests

19 Jan

in pictures . maui plantation

18 Jan

a fried power cord for my laptop means lots of catch up posts on the way!

in pictures . ice cream break

17 Jan

iphoneography . when you only manage to take one photo in an entire day in hawaii, it had better be a good one

16 Jan