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in writing . #zoomoutmovement

16 Dec

so, i’m blatantly cross posting this from my instagram account, but based on the response there, i wanted to share it here too!

. . . . .

anyone who has followed my work for any period of time is probably pretty aware of my tendency to focus on the positive/find the light/celebrate the everyday/enjoy the small things… to “zoom in” if you will. in chatting with a good friend recently (this is all her idea really), she mentioned how much power there was in both spotlighting the awesome moments AND in “zooming out” once in a while, to embrace the chaos and to give some context and perspective.

while this concept is nothing new, i thought it could be a fun little project to start and to extend to anybody else who wants to join in and share some of the not so pretty behind the pretty.

all that to say, welcome to the #zoomoutmovement and please play along :)

. . . . .

and if you somehow were under the impression that i (or anyone else for that matter) am “doing it all”, you were wrong ;)

in pictures . a snowy sunset stroll

15 Dec

in pictures . a pretty awesome little duo

14 Dec

in pictures . this year’s tree hunt ended in the ikea parking lot

14 Dec

in pictures . building birthday toys before the sun rises

13 Dec

in pictures . fire extinguishing team

12 Dec

happy birthday lauren!

in pictures . there’s a whole lot more where these came from

10 Dec

cole’s party was kinda fun.

also, i think my grammar might be wrong up there in the title, but we’re heading out the door to yet another party (i’m not complianing), so i’m just going to let that slide.

in pictures . gemstone excavation

7 Dec

in pictures . tiny performer

2 Dec

all ready for her holiday concert, laughing at my bad jokes ;)

also, i guess she’s technically not that tiny anymore, but she’s still my baby girl so i’m sticking with tiny.

lastly, don’t worry, i cleaned her glasses.

in pictures . we like the museum

24 Nov

just a few images that, for various reasons, made me smile :)

(those recorded “dino noises” can be pretty spooky.)