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iphoneography . they were still for about three seconds and then the giggles came out

13 Apr

i’m partial to the giggle fit myself :)

in pictures . indoor playground

13 Apr

in pictures . street crossing

10 Apr

in pictures . puppy slippers

9 Apr

in pictures . never met a bike rack she didn’t like

6 Apr

iphoneography . must have been a suspenseful moment in the story ;)

3 Apr

in pictures . a bit of fresh air

2 Apr

hooray for healthy babies!

in pictures . i think the antibiotics are working

30 Mar

also, why yes, there is currently a bouncy house in our bonus room :|

in pictures . triceratops keeps watch

29 Mar

fighting strep throat wasn’t exactly the way we had hoped to start our spring break. . . fingers crossed for a quick recovery for the little lady! in the meantime, she has a good bodyguard :)

in pictures . she insisted on a photo before they went up on to cole’s wall

27 Mar

who was i to deny her this joy? ;)