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smitten with . waterlogue

6 Feb

so in love with this little app, and so excited to get a few of these wee prints up on the wall in lila’s room.

(if you want to see our vacation through the lens of my iphone, you can check out my instagram feed from the past couple of weeks — username: andreahanki)

giveaway . handmade ragdoll

6 Jan

lila’s christmas list this year included two items: 1) a book and 2) a doll, preferably one with glasses who has clothes that she can take on and off.

the book was easy — i already had a stash tucked away for her — but the doll with glasses was a bit trickier. when i finally came across one i knew she would love (complete with glasses, fringed booties, reversible poncho, tiny skirt and secret tattoo), less than two weeks before the holiday, i knew i was cutting it close; but the lovely april from riley construction did everything she possibly could to ensure my little lady could have her own bespectacled little friend under our tree.

that all said, i can’t think of a better giveaway to start off the new year, than one featuring one of lila’s favourite christmas gifts from the holidays — an awesome handmade doll from riley construction. (and based on the fact that i’ve already received a couple of emails and comments requesting more info on said doll after yesterday’s post, i think there may be a few of you who agree!)

as always, there are a few ways to enter, and you’ll have to leave a separate comment for each entry (you will have left three comments once you’ve entered all three ways).
1. comment below telling me which doll you would choose should you win (i’m partial to the hipster girl, geek boy and beach beauty myself.)
2. pin your favourite riley construction doll listing on pinterest
3. add one of the dolls to your etsy favorites

contest closes friday, january 10.

best of luck!!

get dressed . tiny ties

4 Dec

if you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you’ll be well aware that we love us a good bow tie (or necktie) in this house. and because october through january is crazy time for birthday and holiday parties around these parts, cole’s been sporting a lot of them these days. here are some of our favourites!

and a few fun related gifts for the bow tie lover in your life, because. . . well, why not? ;)

happy party season!

smitten with . teeny ballerina

6 Sep

i picked up this little ballerina doll a few months back, and gave it to lila the other morning on her first day of ballet. she is totally smitten, so i thought it worth a share here :) (plus, it’s about time i get back to posting more than just photos!)

happy friday!

giveaway . let us always be adventurers

26 Aug

anyone who’s been following this little blog for a while probably knows we’re pretty big fans of adventuring around here, so when i came across this screen printed map on etsy a while back, i knew our home had to have one.

now, thanks to colleen from walsh-walsh & son, one of you can have the map of your choice (and there are lots of choices!) for your home as well.

as always, there are a few ways to enter, and you’ll have to leave a separate comment for each entry (three comments if you enter all three ways).
1. leave a comment below with somewhere you love to head when you’re in the mood for adventure, or somewhere you’ve yet to travel to, but would like to see
2. pin the map listing on pinterest
3. add the map to your etsy favorites

contest closes friday, august 30

good luck, happy adventuring, and thanks again to walsh-walsh & son for this giveaway!

. . . . .

congratulations hannah!

iphoneography . lila the explorer

7 Aug

i didn’t take any photos today, but i do have this to share :)

i know i’ve mentioned it before, but it can’t hurt to repeat — i am thoroughly smitten with uh oh my deer. thank you sweet kate, for your art, and for your generosity. i think you’re great.

smitten with . cotton candy at home

24 Jun

i’ve been looking into cotton candy machines for a while now, so when the la shop contacted me with the opportunity to review one, i jumped at the chance. because really, (even though we used blue for most of the photos) is there anything that says ‘pink sugar’ more than a sweet puff of pink cotton candy?

the whole process is super simple: add the sugar (it comes included) to the pan, turn it on, and wrap the candy floss around a cone (not included — we made ours out of striped craft paper) as it begins spinning out. it’s the perfect little single serving, and each one only takes a couple of minutes, so making up a few cones was no problem. we did have some issues with the candy melting and sticking to the sides, but a little warm water rinsed that right off. overall, if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids and don’t mind a bit of sugar once in a while, i’d definitely recommend looking into one of these cotton candy makers.

and as soon as i figure out a good way to package the stuff, my clients can look forward to their packages being just a little bit sweeter! …in the meantime, we’ll snack on it ourselves ;)

thanks again to the la shop for sending us this awesome kids’ cotton candy maker to review. make sure you take a minute to check out their site and see all of the other goodies they have to offer — they carry some photography gear alongside the fun novelty items :)

smitten with . uh oh my deer

6 Apr

i think it goes without saying that this is pretty much my favourite thing in the world right now.

come back next week to win one of your family :)

happy saturday!

smitten with . from the easter bunny

2 Apr

alongside a few sweet treats, this is what lila and cole found in their baskets this weekend :)

1. silicone doodle placement: this has already been coloured on by five people and it’s only been three days — want to start fresh? just wipe with a damp cloth and begin again.
2. wooden dinosaurs: a huge hit with all of us. lila prefers them to be made “properly” but mom and dad prefer our dinos mixed up ;)
3. 32 ways to dress a fox: drawing outfits for foxes, bunnies and pigs… need i say more?

as you may have gathered from the descriptions, all of these goodies have been a big hit for people of all ages and i think they’ll be enjoyed for a long time to come! (i’m already wishing i’d ordered more than five of the wee gallery doodle books.)

giveaway . stuck on you

18 Mar

imagine you’re a four year old that loves colouring… now imagine that you get a package in the mail one day with an activity book, scribbler, pencil crayons and pencils with your name printed all over everything. mind blown, am i right?! lila was just a little bit thrilled to receive this custom activity pack from the lovely folks at stuck on you and spent a good portion the weekend getting her doodle on.

not only are these goodies all personalized, but the illustrations are actually really cute too. we had a tough time choosing between the woodlands and arrr zap themes, but the little fox won lila over in the end. we also received some mini name labels that should be great for marking all of lila’s supplies when she starts kindergarten in the fall.

now onto the best part, stuck on you has offered up some twenty dollar gift vouchers so four of you can also get your hands on some cute personalized goodies (seriously, this company has something for everyone: labels, placemats, aprons, puzzles… the list goes on).

to enter, head over and like the stuck on you facebook page (don’t forget to grab the free shipping coupon while you’re there), and then come back here and leave a comment letting me know what you’d choose from the site if you win.

contest closes friday, march 22.

best of luck, and thanks to stuck on you for the awesome goodies!