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smitten with . for the girl with eclectic tastes

20 Dec

lila loves reading and dolls and art and science and fashion and a whole slew of other things. aside from books she’s been loving, here are a few things that have really caught her attention post birthday season (aside from the doll who she’ll be meeting christmas morning).

(not pictured here but totally awesome — roominate building set and giant colouring poster)

smitten with . for the tiny adventurer

18 Dec

while i’m on a roll with the “gift guides” here, here are some goodies for the little boy or girl on your list that cole is either about to receive or has been enjoying lately. (and a couple that, really, are more for mom, but sure make his walls look good.)

(not pictured but currently high on the love list, anything from play doh, lego, or sands alive.)

smitten with . gifts for baby

17 Dec

so, this post is coming up on being seven months late or so, but with christmas right around the corner, i figured better now than never. it may be too late to pick up most of these things in time for the holidays, but these gifts (yes my friends have amazing taste and all of these goodies (aside from the baby book i won on instagram) were given to oscar) would be perfect for the expecting mama, new baby, or small child in your life — any time of year!

smitten with .

22 Oct

we woke up this morning to fresh groceries on our door step — that was awesome.

sustainable produce urban delivery (spud) has just launched in edmonton and we were lucky enough to receive a couple of sample boxes of local organic groceries this morning. (thanks spud!!) i may or may not have already placed my order for next week ;)

if you’re located in edmonton, calgary, vancouver, vancouver island, san fransisco or la, you can follow this link to get $40 off your first order of $60 or more.

happy grocery shopping! (from home. in your pyjamas. it’s amazing.)

ps. you’d better believe i ordered more cookies.

smitten with . back to school

1 Sep

tomorrow is lila’s first day of grade one so i thought i’d post a few of our back to school essentials! it likely would have been more beneficial to the rest of you had i had posted this a few weeks ago, but in true andrea fashion, i picked up half of what is pictured today, and the other half (aside from li’s glasses) over the course of the last week. one day i’ll learn. . .

1. lunch bag (currently 40% off) with these containers inside. this is my first time ever having to pack lunches — i’ll try to remember to report back on how this combo works out for us!
2. backpack.
3. headphones. i don’t know about you but i sure don’t remember headphones on school supply lists when i was in school!
4. shoes and laces. finding the perfect pair of indoor shoes was definitely the most stressful part of back to school shopping for us — i have about eight pairs to return this week. . .
5. water bottle.

happy september!

smitten with . instagram

13 Jul

i’m fairly certain most people that follow along here are quite familiar with this little habit of mine, but just in case you aren’t and because i left my big camera in my bag this weekend, here are some of my favourite recent phone photos.

this all feels a bit like a love letter, haha, but there is honestly just so much i love about instagram. i love the challenge of creating art with my phone camera (i’m not always toting my big camera around when my hands are full of three kiddos these days). there’s the fact that i don’t need to spend time sitting at my computer to quickly get a photo edited and uploaded (i use the pictapgo app), and all of the fun indie shops and designers i’ve come across (from kids’ clothes to toys to home decor and on and on), but most of all, it’s the community that keeps me coming back! i’ve connected with some amazing people and opportunities (along with with friends and family near and far) in the year and a half since i joined and am still finding awesome new gems every day.

for those who are interested, you can follow along with [even more of] our adventures over there — my user name is andreahanki — and if you leave your username below, i’d love to check out your feeds as well.

hope to see you there!

(along with all of the love though, i can’t help but mention all of the accounts that keep getting deactivated these days. . . hoping there will be some clarification of guidelines and a resolution soon so that we don’t have to stop posting photos of our kids being kids for fear of losing our whole accounts!)

giveaway . custom copper necklace

19 May

after looking for an initial necklace for the past few years, i finally stumbled across the perfect one a couple of weeks ago, just in time to treat myself to a little birthday/mother’s day gift. copper, geometric and locally made, i fell in love pretty much instantly.

and now you can have one too! cheryl from cloud & lolly has offered up a custom copper initial necklace for one of you! want to celebrate your children? a loved one? yourself? choose a few letters and cheryl will hand stamp them, along with a teeny heart, in copper metal clay, creating a one of a kind keepsake for you to wear around your neck.

as always, there are a few ways to enter, and you’ll have to leave a separate comment for each entry (you will have left three comments once you’ve entered all three ways).
1. leave a comment below telling me whose initials you’d choose for your necklace
2. pin your favourite piece from the cloud & lolly shop on pinterest
3. follow cloud & lolly and me (andreahanki) on instagram

contest closes sunday, may 25.

good luck!!

smitten with . waterlogue

6 Feb

so in love with this little app, and so excited to get a few of these wee prints up on the wall in lila’s room.

(if you want to see our vacation through the lens of my iphone, you can check out my instagram feed from the past couple of weeks — username: andreahanki)

giveaway . handmade ragdoll

6 Jan

lila’s christmas list this year included two items: 1) a book and 2) a doll, preferably one with glasses who has clothes that she can take on and off.

the book was easy — i already had a stash tucked away for her — but the doll with glasses was a bit trickier. when i finally came across one i knew she would love (complete with glasses, fringed booties, reversible poncho, tiny skirt and secret tattoo), less than two weeks before the holiday, i knew i was cutting it close; but the lovely april from riley construction did everything she possibly could to ensure my little lady could have her own bespectacled little friend under our tree.

that all said, i can’t think of a better giveaway to start off the new year, than one featuring one of lila’s favourite christmas gifts from the holidays — an awesome handmade doll from riley construction. (and based on the fact that i’ve already received a couple of emails and comments requesting more info on said doll after yesterday’s post, i think there may be a few of you who agree!)

as always, there are a few ways to enter, and you’ll have to leave a separate comment for each entry (you will have left three comments once you’ve entered all three ways).
1. comment below telling me which doll you would choose should you win (i’m partial to the hipster girl, geek boy and beach beauty myself.)
2. pin your favourite riley construction doll listing on pinterest
3. add one of the dolls to your etsy favorites

contest closes friday, january 10.

best of luck!!

get dressed . tiny ties

4 Dec

if you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you’ll be well aware that we love us a good bow tie (or necktie) in this house. and because october through january is crazy time for birthday and holiday parties around these parts, cole’s been sporting a lot of them these days. here are some of our favourites!

and a few fun related gifts for the bow tie lover in your life, because. . . well, why not? ;)

happy party season!