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iphoneography . the best man, the flowergirl and a few other guests

19 Jan

iphoneography . operation escape winter

13 Jan

iphonoegraphy . new year’s family selfie

31 Dec

iphoneography . second annual thanksgiving family selfie

12 Oct

happy thanksgiving!

now playing . hello oscar

8 Oct

this, my friends, feels like both just yesterday, and a lifetime ago. life is funny like that.

huge thanks going out (again) to our friends at photography concentrate for their love and time and endless talent. we <3 you.

in pictures . k days

22 Jul

this is what eight hours of midway perfection looks like. rides, hot dogs, sno cones, visiting the exhibition, baby naps, prizes won by daddy, mini donuts and cotton candy. we followed it up with a couple of long baths ;) it was a very good day.

thank you to telus for inviting us to k days 2014! we loved checking out the world of wonder exhibit and even won a prize in the canada trivia game :) i’m giving out two free passes over on instagram — contest closes july 24 at noon!

in pictures . hanki, party of five

5 May

iphoneography . scenes from the fridge

20 Mar

now playing . the hankis go camping

3 Feb

soooo, we have these multi talented friends, who teach photography, and cook us amazing meals, and love our children like crazy, and are just generally awesome people. last fall they documented one of our little camping adventures. this movie is us.

in pictures . by the ocean

29 Dec