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in pictures . population boom

12 Dec

today feels like a good day to share our happy news :)

in pictures . giving thanks

13 Oct

so thankful for my little family. every day.

happy thanksgiving!

iphoneography . wedding guests

27 Jul

left my camera in the car and celebrated the wedding of a beautiful friend yesterday. it was a good day.

in motion . family bike ride

25 Jun

i was a little skeptical, but instagram‘s new video feature is kind of fun :)

(sorry if you’re trying to view this on a device without flash, the html5 version wouldn’t load!)

in pictures . family camping trip selfie

9 Jun

why yes, i do borrow my four year old’s accessories ;)

iphoneography . family bike ride

1 Jun

the first of many :)

happy saturday!

iphoneography . winter campfire

6 Jan

in pictures . trick or treat

31 Oct

obligatory cheesy family shot ;) (it was cold out there tonight.)

about a million more photos to come — stay tuned!

in pictures . requisite family vacation selfie

7 Aug

in pictures . lego

28 Jan