in pictures . at the close of a very unsuccessful christmas tree hunt

10 Dec

what our search lacked in trees, it made up for in hot dogs and s’mores.

and cute babies on toboggans.

in pictures . there’s a whole lot more where these came from

10 Dec

cole’s party was kinda fun.

also, i think my grammar might be wrong up there in the title, but we’re heading out the door to yet another party (i’m not complianing), so i’m just going to let that slide.

iphoneography . something festive this way comes

8 Dec

on repeat . blame it on me

8 Dec

george ezra

oscar and i have been dancing to this one all morning.

in pictures . gemstone excavation

7 Dec

in pictures . happy days

5 Dec

except for that thirty seconds after i took the laptop cord away…

in pictures . playtime

4 Dec

in pictures . tiny performer

2 Dec

all ready for her holiday concert, laughing at my bad jokes ;)

also, i guess she’s technically not that tiny anymore, but she’s still my baby girl so i’m sticking with tiny.

lastly, don’t worry, i cleaned her glasses.

iphoneography . getting some fresh air

1 Dec

pardon the radio silence these last few days — the littlest hanki was very unwell over the weekend and to start out the week and we’re playing catch up around these parts.

also, this sled is amazing on cold and windy days!

feeling nostalgic . third birthday balloons

30 Nov

it appears we’ve started a tradition. (see lila’s balloons here.