iphoneography . morning light

8 Apr

on repeat . all the way

7 Apr


something to dance to on this monday morning :)

in pictures . never met a bike rack she didn’t like

6 Apr

in pictures . t-shirt weather

5 Apr

i’m not sure if it’s just the pregnancy hormones talking, or also the fact that the last couple of months have this guy without his bottle, his diapers and his crib, but this particular t-shirt keeps making me cry. don’t grow up too fast little buddy!

in pictures . the backyard is currently a wee bit sloshy

4 Apr

iphoneography . must have been a suspenseful moment in the story ;)

3 Apr

in pictures . a bit of fresh air

2 Apr

hooray for healthy babies!

at home . his and hers

1 Apr

almost there :)

in pictures . triceratops is working overtime this week

31 Mar

miss lila is on the mend (yay!), but now the little guy is down with a bad stomach flu (for the second time this month). fingers crossed for a sleep-filled night and no more germs. please and thank you.

in pictures . i think the antibiotics are working

30 Mar

also, why yes, there is currently a bouncy house in our bonus room :|