in pictures . bouncy house hair

11 Oct

in pictures . a little light reading

10 Oct

in pictures . this girl, that giggle

9 Oct

and that hat too. c/o prairie blossom boutique

now playing . hello oscar

8 Oct

this, my friends, feels like both just yesterday, and a lifetime ago. life is funny like that.

huge thanks going out (again) to our friends at photography concentrate for their love and time and endless talent. we <3 you.

in pictures . tea for two

7 Oct

in pictures . playtime

5 Oct

big brother also quite enjoyed the same toy, and same shirt at the same(ish) age :)

in pictures . on saturday we went exploring

4 Oct

iphoneography . king of the castle

3 Oct

please excuse the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. early october is typically a crazy time of year around these parts, and this year is no exception. there are some fun posts waiting in the wings so don’t go far :)

(and despite not picking up my camera a whole lot, i still usually have my phone with me so i’m posting quite regularly over on instagram. i’d love to see you there too!)

book club . eleven

3 Oct

the book with a hole by herve tullet
numbers by orla keily
exclamation mark by amy krouse rosenthal
grandpa green by lane smith
cave baby by julia donaldson

in pictures . afternoon sunshine and a good book in her brother’s “room”

2 Oct